Lozk is a modern audio-visual artist working with electronic music and digital imaging: currently dividing time between his home town of Bogata, Columbia and London, England. A love affair with modern ambient and electronic music, from Stockhousen to Eno mixed with late classical romanticism of Claude Debussy and Gabriel Fauré, has resulted in music of European sensibility but viewed from the South American perspective.

This is accompanied by exquisite computer enhanced moving images infused with a dense tropical, and bizarre sci-fi aesthetic, bringing to mind the Island of Dr Moreau, with Lozk playing the doctor, transmitting his filtered influences back to their European sources. See the video to ‘Twilight Run’ here.

His determination and single-minded vision has resulted in a tour-de-force album of sumptuous dreamscape electronica, soundtracks of the fantastic, of stories yet to be told.

Using both synthesised sound and real instruments, every track meticulously recorded and arranged with a fine attention to detail: at once romantic, adventurous, dramatic – irrational will take you on a journey. Read the review in Music Week!

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